Day of Education Workers of Ukraine!

    Dear fellow teachers, teachers, heads of educational centers, our graduates and partners, veteran educators and students who have chosen the profession of a teacher!

    Congratulations on the holiday – the Day of Education Workers of Ukraine! You make a decisive contribution to the development of Ukraine, form a new generation of its citizens, passing on to every young person an invaluable treasure of high education, rich spirituality and the desire to change their lives and the fate of their country for the better.

    Today we face new challenges. Proof of this is the difficult situation in which, in particular, domestic education, in a pandemic. Through our creative, dedicated and ascetic work, we have managed to preserve educational values, find new forms and methods of teaching and continue to overcome all challenges and achieve new achievements and victories.

    We express our sincere gratitude for the creative, dedicated and ascetic work, responsible attitude to your vocation, pedagogical skills and selfless kindness, which you always give to your students.

    It is gratifying to note that our Department of History of Ukraine and Methods of Teaching History welcomes the professional holiday with new successes in research, educational, social and other areas of activity. This is the result of the dedicated work of our team. And in the future the main task is to hold their positions.

    Inspiration to you, wisdom and patience in the difficult task of teaching and educating the younger generation – the future of our country.

    Teaching staff of the Department of History of Ukraine and methods of teaching history.